Xbox 360 3 Red Light Error Problems

The red light errors in Xbox 360 are those errors that take place whenever the Xbox 360's hardware is facing problems. These errors are programmed to inform the user about the problems that the hardware undergoes when it operates. For example, when the console is not connected properly to the visual medium through the Audio / Video cable then you will find a single red light glowing in the power ring area. This single red light is nothing but one of the errors. The power ring consists of LED lights which are placed in a ring fashion around the power button. There are altogether four lights placed in a circular fashion and hence there will four different kinds of errors actually the single, two, three and the four red light error.


This occurs due to the overheating of the motherboard which results in the failure of the graphical processing unit and other supporting components. When this error occurs you will see three red lights glowing in the power ring area along with an error message E 74 on the screen. This kind of error is something different from the other red light errors because it is difficult to troubleshoot the error when compared with other types of errors. When other red light error occurs, from the error message which is displayed in the screen, we can find the root cause of the problem but in this case it's very difficult to find.

Hardware experts say that the error can be due to the failure of the cooling system inside the motherboard as a result of the increase in the internal temperature of the console. Few also say that the inter cooler inside the motherboard has only caused the problem because of the large current flowing through the motherboard circuits from the console's main power supply. The three red light error is also commonly known as the "Red Ring of Death" or RRoD.


There are few ways to get rid of the red light error. One way is to send your console to the Microsoft service center for repairing. In this case, your console should have a valid warranty and your console should not be modded. But, for other consoles you have to pay over $ 125 for the repairing. Microsoft will not repair modded consoles at any cost.

The simplest and the most economic way of solving the red light error is by repairing the console on your own. It is very easy to repair the console on our own and it will take just an hour to get rid of these errors. There are few repairing videos available in the internet which will explain clearly about the various steps to be followed while repairing the console. One of the high possible solutions for the red light errors is the removal of the X clamp from the motherboard for providing additional cooling to the heat sinks from the external environment. Almost 90% have succeeded in solving the red light error by removing the X clamps from the motherboard.

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