Why Your Car Is Working Up, What to Do About It, If Wear and High-Mileage Is Causing a Problem

Secrets to finding, and ending hidden, cost-to-repair, car and equipment wear and performance problems.

You never really think about the insidious nature of wear and tear going on against your motor and transmission pistons, bearings, valves, and gears until a performance deterring problem develops.

Like these, which new products can now end:

  • A horrible tap, tap, tap, announces you're starting the motor at 7AM.
  • Or, reverse gear fails to go into reverse, as quickly as it should.
  • The shift of gears; never before noticeable, lifts harder.
  • Or a lag in the shift now appears.
  • You see a puff of smoke appear from your exhaust that never was there before.
  • The exhaust is dripping water, and it smells really bad, and it never did before.
  • The engine temperature gauge shows your motor running in the hot area.
  • You check your oil, and you're down two quarts.
  • You're buying more gas than you use too for the same trips.
  • Lose of the new car zip; taking off from red lights.
  • And passing cars on a hill is so slow it will now almost get you killed.

Having a new or new car is like your first love.

You think, from then on, you're in heaven. What could be better? For your love and your new car, it will last forever! That is the same way I felt for a brand new convertible, and several other newer cars we bought.

Over time, some of my engines or transmission failed, long before I imagined they should. And I surprised why? Like that first love. What happened to it?

One major cause of wear produces two or more new problems

Maybe, knowing the cause of those failures would help me find the cure to slow down or avoid such repairs, or push them years farther into the future. And so I did!

Like the tide and time – wear waits for no man! So too, hidden wear and tear in your car lasts night and day, even if the car is not running.

Knowing the cause will help you avoid, or end the problems they cause.

  1. In gas, diesel fuel, fluids, and oils are left-over ingredients that turn acidic.
  2. Moisture is what accelerates their change to acid.
  3. Those acids coagulate and clump the free solids, and sludge is one result.
  4. Acids etch tiny pits into the clean, shinny surfaces of your motor and transmission pistons, bearings, valves, and gears.
  5. Acids shrink gaskets and help harden seals. The cause of those oily spots on your driveway.

Acids attack while you drive and when your cars are parked.

These problems can easily run up a repair bill to $ 3000.

And that goes for your lawnmower, tractor, boat, RV, too.

New types of additives are replacing less effective additives now in use.

Now, new types of additives are put into all fuels and oils to neutralize this acidic negative. Synthetic oils have even more additives for this purpose. However ….

Their help, though good, is limited. Additional additives may needed. here is why …

After about 4 years and 75,000 miles of driving, the acidic attack, that started from day one on the showroom floor, and continuing, begin to create places to allow sludge and oil break residues to stick to every part.

Occasionally, engine valves stick, or valve lifters stick and tapping results. In the transmission rough shift and other problems occurs

Piston rings, which should be flexible around each of your motors pistons stick in their groves.

Combustion and compression gases, around 1800 degrees, now slip pass those piston rings more easily and blacken and weaker your motor and transmission oils. Faster wear out results. Less power is developed.

However … You just press the gas pedal down for more fuel

And feeding your motor more fuel overcomes what is lost. That is why you do not notice the ingoing decline of power. Also ….

Weaken oils and pitted surfaces allow a new problem to sap power away, and wear out your cars twice as fast. What is that? More friction.

And, more metal-to-metal abrasion.

As surface roughness, sticking and binding increase

Your lube film is broken through often and direct abrasion occurs as moving parts touch.

The resulting increase of friction now absorbs power that use to go to speeding you faster down the road.

You probably know all that, somehow.

Here's what I found in the way of additives that neutralize acids and cut friction

Two companies have those problem-solving advantages in their incentives; Mega Power, and, Justice Brothers. Their products, costing under $ 100, help put off, end, or avoid those above problems that upto $ 3000 by repair can end. Not as good, of course.

But good enough for most of us budget-minded car and equipment owners.

Think of them as medicine and vitamins, but for cars, that help avoid going to the car hospital.

I used both over the years and they do as claimed.

For my cars

I like these new products because they have the newest in anti-wear ingredients that end the above-mentioned problems. Those both wear and mileage cause.

That is the good news, if you want to end the above wear and performance problems. Install of these products are easier than ever.

The other good news is this

These new products now end all of the above problems caused by acids, sticky residues, and friction.

And, by their new cleaning, smoothing, anti-wear, and protective coating advantages, they

By ending them, you restore the former zip, power, and performance you bought your car for.

They return the joy of driving I use to get from my vehicles when they were new. It would be nice to have our "first love" rekindled, you might think. Well, do not go there!

Both brands prevent acid pitting and sludge formation in new vehicles.

Their products can help your newer and older, even well-worn cars and equipment edge out years more good life. Maybe, extend their future life before overhaul.

Source by George Christ

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