Where to Repair a PS3? Learn Where to Fix Your PS3 As Quickly As Possible

Want to know where to repair PS3 errors such as the blinking red light, yellow light of death, crashing and freezing during gaming, no video display, network connection problems, or controller errors? You have come to the right place, because in this article you are going to learn where to repair your PS3, and how it should be done. Keep reading as we examine your options available for troubleshooting your PS3 and getting you back into the game again.

Most peoples' first thoughts turn to getting Sony to repair their PS3 for them. After all, where better to send your PS3 to be fixed than the people who made it in the first place? The process is all rather simple; you call up Sony, give some basic details about your PS3 and yourself, then follow their shipping instructions. You wait a while, and with any luck a working PS3 console is returned to you.

Sounds great does not it? It is, apart from a few major downsides, which we shall now examine. Firstly, you will be without a PS3 console for around 6 weeks, which means more than a month of no gaming. Secondly, you may be sent back a "refurbished" console, which means one that is not yours and will not have your save games and data. Finally, and here is the deal-breaker; if your warranty has expired or you do not have a warranty on your console it will cost you $ 150. Basically that means that if you've had your PS3 for more than a year, or you got it second hand, you will have to kiss goodbye to $ 150 of your dollars, which is simply too much.

So where else can you repair your PS3?

Believe it or not, but it is actually possible to fix virtually any error on the PS3 yourself. Regardless of what the problem is on your console you should be able to fix it yourself in less than a couple of hours. The best part about doing this is that it will not cost you an arm and a leg to repair your PS3; instead you are looking at a maximum cost of $ 40, which is far more agreeable. Also, most errors are actually very easy to fix as well.

A lot of PS3 errors can actually be fixed at home without even needing to open up your console. This is because the PS3 has an advanced on-board troubleshooting system that can be used to reset system settings and roll-back faulty updates, as well as operate like a rudimentary "safe mode" (anyone with a Windows computer will probably be familiar with what a safe mode does) A ​​repair guide will show you how to do this, as well as carry out any more complex repairs that may mean you actually have to adjust components inside your console.

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