Visualization – Why You Should Use Visualization

Visualization does not belong to just a few elite people. It is part of who we are and what we're supposed to do to create the life we ​​desire. It's part of our survival here on planet earth, whether or not we use it in that capacity to enhance our lives.

Why, then, should you use visualization?

Remember, the brain sees in pictures. Visualization imprints the image on your brain which not only sends this image to your subconscious but also to your body as well. What your mind imagines affects your belief system, which in turn impacts your emotions and influences your actions.

Therefore, using visualization to create the lifestyle you desire is so very important. Time spent in quiet contemplation and concentration on your desire emits an energy frequency throughout your entire body connecting with the universal energy of the Spirit to realize your desires.

Instead of using your precious time and mind space filled with thoughts and images that do not add value to you, make a conscious decision and effort to practice mental shifting onto the images of your desire. This is called the imprinting process as you continuously shift your mental images on your goals.

You may find your mind drifting into the old way of focusing on your unwanted thoughts, but armed with this knowledge and the focused decision to recreate your life, you can begin to implement the new mental action of visualization.

Key: Use visualization to sow new thought images to reprogram your subconscious mind. If you're finding it difficult to imagine what you desire, use images from magazines, books, the internet, etc. to help you get some ideas. Study the image. Absorb it in your mind and as you go into your day make mental reference to it.

Source by Alicia G. Campbell

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