Two Reasons I'm Grateful For Hubpages: Making Money And Meeting People

I spent years trying to find a way to make a little extra money on the internet, and also meet people who like the same topics and hobbies that I like. I'm grateful that I found the service called Hubpages that allows me to do both at the same time! Hubpages are a great outlet for all of my knowledge and allow me to flex my writing skills about topics I like to talk about. I also get the opportunity to provide helpful information to others who might need a little guidance on the path of life. I also get to connect with individuals who are interested in the same things I am interested in.

I am grateful because:

  1. First, I am grateful because Hubpages makes it easy to set up my pages about whatever topic I would like to write about. They have an easy interface that is really intuitive and what I would call point and shoot web pages. You select a topic and then create capsules with information about those topics. It really is simple to add text, pictures, and movies.
  2. Also, Hubpages has provided me with a small, but extra income source. I am averaging about $ 25.00USD per month in advertising revenue. Now, I know that some people would scoff at that low of an amount. I currently only have 20 Hubpages completed. I imagine by the time I get to 100 Hubpages I will be making between $ 50.00USD and $ 100.00USD per month. You can make money several different ways on Hubpages, but the two I use are through Google AdSense and the Amazon Affiliate program. Amazon places relevant products on the page, and when people click and buy them, I get a commission. Google places relevant advertisements on my pages and when I receive valid clicks, I get paid. That is all there is to it.
  3. I have also met lots of people online through Hubpages. It is not only a site to write and make money, or get information you need about certain topics, but a great place to meet people. After I publish a hubpage, I usually get lots of messages from people thanking me for the information and whatever. I also have been able to find people who like things I do and we can connect and collaborate to create new Hubpages together.

I chose to write about being grateful for Hubpages and making money with their website because I hope my experience will help other to start feel inspired and maybe try out their website for themselves. I love writing online and Hubpages has made it possible for me to earn money from home and enjoy every second of it.

Source by Mitchell Pierce

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