This New Industrial Drone Sold 300 Units in One Week: Here’s Why

In the first week of production, BSHARK’s Narwhal 2 hydrogen drone sold 300 units, prompting the company to open a new production center in Shandong to meet demand.  The Government of Uzbekistan has bought hundreds of units.  China’s Southern Power Grid Company is using the Narwhal 2 to complete major projects.  Global energy conglomerate Siemens is evaluating the drone for turbine tower inspection missions.  What makes the Narwhal 2 the best drone in its class?

Narwhal 2 is powered by hydrogen – which gives it a flight endurance of 2 hours.  Rugged construction makes it ideal for a wide variety of climates and conditions.  It’s functionality and payload options make it appropriate for multiple mission types.  And at $6800, it’s the most economical drone of its type on the market.

The Government of Uzbekistan’s Committee of Land & Resources has purchased hundreds of the Narwhal 2 Hydrogen fuel cell drones to perform mapping and inspection of ongoing government projects.  In Uzbekistan, the Narwhal has far outperformed traditional battery powered drones.  The 4G control function eliminates the distance barrier for communications.  The AIO control station automates drone operation, allowing inexperienced users to successfully gather quality data without complex preparation.  An in a single 60-minute flight equipped with a Z20 zoom camera payload, the Narwhal 2 covered 196.25 square km – an area that battery powered drones took 5 times as long to cover, using 10 batteries in the process.

The China Southern Power Grid Company is one of the leading state-owned utility companies in China with the primary responsibility for building and operating the POWER GRID in the Southern part of the country.  This project stretches over 60,000 km spanning over 200 towers within difficult and mountainous terrain.

It’s a challenging mission, and it needs the right tool for the job.  China Southern Power has adopted the BSHARK Narwhal 2 Hydrogen Drone– and operators couldn’t be happier.  One worker said “The Narwhal 2 overs far more area than a Li-Po battery powered drone, which only covers 8 km on a battery.  The thought of carrying lots of batteries while climbing mountains is a thing of the past! Working with the Narwhal 2 is far better than working with an electric drone for this type of project.”

With long endurance, clean fuel source, rugged construction and low price the Narwhal 2 is proving to be the ideal tool for industrial mapping and inspection.  Learn more about how the Narwhal 2 can help your company’s missions here.

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