The Unbelievable Mind Numbing Mirage of Authority and Intelligence Considered

Indeed, I always say that the bureaucracy knows no bounds. What baffles me is that Americans so quickly submit to authority, mostly false authority whether it be a religion, government agency, teacher, or a boss in their place of work. Why is this? Submitting to false authority shows no honor in the individual, it shows no strength of character, it shows actually a sign of weakness, timidness, and low self-esteem. So why so many takers, is it just easier to not think, go with the flow, allow yourself to get fat dumb an happy?

Today, our laws and rules are so abundant no one really knows all the rules and regulations. Some people are so worried about breaking a rule, they never do anything, as soon as someone tells them "no" or they can not do something, they give up. They never ask why. Worse, if they do ask why someone they believe to be of authority explains that it is this way or that way, because those are the rules and that's the way it is and they of course are the gate -keepers to the next level so you must duly bow down kiss their butt and fall in line.

Why, I ask, do they think this is the military and assume you are foot soldier in boot camp? How arrogant indeed, or is it? Well, sometimes it truly is arrogance, other times they themselves really believe all that nonsense, they've been conditioned to say no, to enforce the rules, and they've stopped asking why long ago, indeed, they wonder what your problem is ? Well, if you have any intelligence at all, and you have strength of character and if you want to maintain your freedom and liberties youought to be asking; Why, and when you get a bogus answer such as:

1.) Because that is the way we've always done it.
2.) Because the next level of government said so.
3.) Because they are the teacher, boss, bureaucrat.
4.) Because it is the board, committee, or some other group that decides.

Then you know the reality. The person telling you "no" does not really know why, they are brain dead, can not think for themselves, and you do not belong under them, you belong above them in this little pathetic game of human pecking order for authority . But you should respect authority right, is not that what we've always been told? Yes, that's what we've always been told, but that is not so.

You should only respect a person, or group once it has earned your respect. If they can not answer a simple reason why and try to defer it up the line, then you are not talking to the right person, or you need to leave them where they are and have the strength of character to move them away and find out the answer to the question. If it is not satisfactory, you need to get it changed. Stupid people have no business running things or telling those of intellect, strength of character, or the doers of the world;

1.) What to Do
2.) What to Say
3.) Where to Go
4.) How to Live
5.) Or what is possible

How would they know, they've never done anything themselves that they were not told to do. They do not think. They are drones, and they hamper freedom and liberty at every turn, claiming authority and respect, none of which they deserve or have earned. Seriously, care to debate? Please consider all this and think on it.

Source by Lance Winslow

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