TEDx | UdeM 2012 Teaser

Our friend Milsoz asked us to help him out for the production side of his promotional video for TEDx UdeM’s event in 2012. We shot some timelapses of Montreal at sunrise over a couple of days. What’s interesting to note about this video are the aerial shots used. Although drone videography is becoming quite commonplace, it wasn’t accessible in early 2012 yet, so we actually had to charter a plane and film from one of it’s windows. Kevin even suction-cupped a gopro to the outside of the plane. That footage turned-out to be too wobbly for any use due to the engine’s vibrations, however we were thoroughly surprised by the strength of gopro’s sucction cups.

Client: TEDxUdeM

Production Company: New Nation Creation
Director: Milosz Jurkiewicz
Camera: Kevin Gill Wilson & Nicolas Fafard-Trudel

Dance School: Studio Avenue
Directrice: Brigitte Lamoureux
Dancers: Adèle Morissette, Mélissa Mansour, Béatrice Roy, Tatiana Tremblay, Agatha Kowalski
Choreographer: Agatha Kowalski

Music: Tempe by The Breezes

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