Tasty Delivery in Kings Walk Golf Course illustrates Drone delivery for the Rest of Us

When you were not looking a drone at Kings Walk Golf Course in Grand Forks dropped off its first commercial deliveries Saturday, on Saturday September 15th.

Following up a recent announcement on delivery routes in Iceland,  Drone logistics and delivery company Flytrex, just teamed up to deliver food to hungry golfers at the Kings Walk golf course in North Dakota.

This is one of a series of drone delivery that fall into the “non-critical” category,  while we have hearing of blood supply,  and Defibrillation drone deliveries, while very important there are entire categories of applications large and small that are starting to utilize drones.

The FAA, which is working toward the integration of drones into commercial airspace, was also there to watch and evaluate.

There are also many non-delivery applications such as search and rescue and helping out with the aftermath of natural disasters such as the recent hurricanes in the US.

Wes Shover of Flytrex  said Saturday afternoon the drone had delivered six orders.  The drone dropped off all of its orders at a single drop-off site.

“The long-term goal is for the customers to choose their own location,” Shover said, for which the golf course still needs approval from the Federal Aviation Administration. FAA officials were at the golf course Saturday.

Golfers can order food using the “Flytrex Golf” phone application from the golf course grill.

The drone carries up to six pounds, Shover said.



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