Your best plataform to create new and impacting videos from air. Advertising-TV, documentaries, industry, videoclips, construction, corporate videos, real-state …etc.

New Sky-View AP-1
Ideal Aerial Photography and Videography Platform
Are you interested in video and photography? Do you want to expand that interest in aerial video photography, but don’t know where to begin? Sky-View AP1 by Be/U tv is the ideal aerial photography and videography platform.

With Sky-View AP1, you will be able to get great aerial pictures. An onboard computer and stabilization so
ftware assists with stable flight control allowing you to concentrate on getting great aerial pictures and video.

Many outdoor and indoor events benefit from aerial pictures and video. Use the Skyfilms Drone to obtain this footage in a safe and unobtrusive manner. Four nearly silent brushless motors give the Skyfilms drone plenty of power, allowing you to fly almost anywhere.
For more information contact Be/You-TV-Skyfilms…Alfonso Nogueira

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