Shag – Lied By Omission (Music Video)

You’ve been served.

Shag – Lied By Omission

Se´va – Michael Higgins
Naughty McTroublemaker – Veronika Larson
Photographer – James Dierickx
Photo Family – Jasmine Temple-Smith, Meredith Temple-Smith, Cassia Temple-Smith & Tobyn Temple-Smith
Dastardly Darren – Matt Nolan
Peter “Hoodrat” Headrick – Matty Ladiges
Eric Embezeal – Daniel Dindas
Clifford – Jarod Guthrie
Riley “2 Stroke” Driver – Jack Nikolic
Marvin Putter – Eddy Marumaru

Cinematography, Directing & Editing – Kerry Glennon
Producer & Grip – Tom Eglinton
1st AD, 1st AC, Gaffer, Set Construction – James Dierickx
BTS Photography & Videography – Michael Griffin
Assistant Gaffer, Grip and Catering – Julian Glennon
Vacuum Specialist – Anth Lucas
Wire Worker – Jack Nikolic
Set Design – Celine Glennon
Subpoena Sticker – Celine Glennon
Drone Operator – John Biffin

A big thank you goes out to the Temple-Smith family for the use of their home on a scorching Saturday morning. Will Pickering and the rest of the staff at the Royal Park Golf Course and finally James Dierickx and his family for allowing us to use their home and garage for weeks on end to store the set. Legends, the lot of you!

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