Sex on Memory Foam Mattresses

Sure, it's a touchy subject, but it is a question that has come into the minds of every man and woman when buying a memory foam mattress: What about sex?

The bedroom should be used for two things: Sleep & Sex. The benefits of memory foam on proper rest are many, but what about the other part? Will it be different? Better? Worse? What's the sex like compared to a traditional spring mattress?

Foam mattresses are renamed for their ability to conform to your body. The visco-elastic foam is triggered by your body heat to mold itself into shape. This heat will also trigger the foam to contour while participating in other activities in bed, which has been touted as both a benefit and drawback of the material.

Some say that sex is better on memory foam because the material allows you to sink in a bit, making more competing positions better supported. The extra support gives people confidence, and therefore pleasure. Some say the material takes the momentum from a spring bed away entirely, allowing for your energy to be directed towards what matters: your partner. The silence of memory foam beats the annoying squeak of a spring mattress in almost any situation.

The same exposures viewed as positive by some can also be looked at as negative. The give and take of the springs in a traditional mattress are gone with memory foam, and some complain that sinking into the foam discourages mobility. A similar complaint is that its harder to "get a good grip" without sinking in.

The one unchangeable fact about visco-elastic foam is that it has a unique feel when compared to other beds. Getting used to it may take a few days, and whether you like sex on memory foam or not generally varies depend on what you and your partner prefer in the bedroom. Although it's a touchy subject, it may be worth a discussion before you and your partner invest in a new mattress.

Source by Jacob Welsh

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