Samsung LE32A656 Review

With so many different LCD's currently available on the market, it looks like every manufacturer is now throwing their own unique spin on their new models, and the Samsung LE32A656 is no exception. The LE32A656 retains its mostly black appearance with just a touch of deep red and a glassy panel, Samsung has found the more humble approach to adding color to a TV without being blatantly obvious. Although it may not be the "red dress" of the crowd, the LE32A656 provides a unique way to add color without being gaudy.

The LE32A656 provides a sharp picture and is one of the few 32 inch LCD's on the market that offers Full HD with a resolution of 1920 x 1080. Most manufacturers believe there is no benefit to offering this ratio on a TV less than 40 inches, which makes the LE32A656 a standout in the 32 inch LCD range. With Samsung's DNIe (Digital Natural Image engine) which boosts the black levels, detail, color and motion handling the LE32A656 provides impressive black levels that are coming close to meeting the levels currently only available on plasma TVs, which goes to show that LCD's have come a long way in their technology.

With such high quality picture performance, you would expect the audio to perform as good if not better, but that is not the case. Audio performance is ok, almost "tinny" at times with average performance with regular TV watching. If you are planning on watching movies as well, then you may want to invest in an external audio system, otherwise you will be in for an un-enjoyable theater experience.

The LE32A656 offers users 4 HDMI inputs which are a rarity on a TV of this size. Three are located on the back and one has been installed on the side for quick and easy plug and play access. There are also 2 SCART inputs as well as a built in USB port that Samsung reflects to as Wiselink. This allows you the option to display your JPEG's or play music tracks from any USB compatible device. It even offers you a slide show function that allows you to set the slide show speed and even gives you the option to add MP3s as background music if you so desire.

The LE32A656 also offers user the EPG (Electronic Program Guide). This guide includes a preview window, program description, time progress bar, and 6 channel listings, all in an easy to navigate window. There is also a scheduling reminder option, you can select a show and have the TV remind you. You even have the option to jump forward 24 hours to view and set reminders for shows on the next night, which comes in quite handy for times when you have just seen an ad for a show you are interested in watching. The only disadvantage to this feature is that it seems to run a little bit slower than other menus on the LE32A656.

Overall the LE32A656 provides great picture quality but average sound quality. This is a great TV if you are only planning on using it for basic TV viewing, but sound quality leaves something to be desired with movies. If your goal is quality video performance for your daily TV watching, then opt for the LE32A656. Any more than that and the LE32A656 is not the way to go. If you're looking for a great alternative you should check out the Sony KDL 40W4500 review [] here.

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