Red Light Xbox 360 E74 Error – What Do Those Pesky Lights and That E74 Code on Your Xbox 360 Mean?

The red light Xbox 360 e74 problem is probably the second most common error to affect Microsoft's latest generation gaming console. Characterized by a ring of red lights on the front of your Xbox 360, as well as an ominous black and white error message displayed on your TV screen, it is a very frustrating and troubling problem to experience. In this article you are going to learn what causes the Xbox 360 e74 error, as well as those pesky red lights, and also what you can do to fix them.

It's often said that money is the root of all evil- whether you believe this or not is irrelevant, as when it comes to Xbox 360 gaming, heat is the root of all evil. Overheating is what has caused the red light Xbox 360 e74 on so many innocent gamers' consoles all around the world, including yours.

Basically, due to insufficient numbers of cooling devices such as fans and heat sinks (which increase the rate of heat dissipation) as well as a cramped case layout that does not allow for heat to easily escape from your console, the temperature level inside your Xbox 360 skyrockets during gaming.

Over time this leads to the video scaler chip (HANA / ANA chip) coming slightly unseated as the thermal glue which holds it in place expands then contracts repeatedly. This then leads to malfunctions such as those pesky red lights, as well as the Xbox 360 e75 error.

If you've had enough bad news for one day, here's some good news- you can actually be playing again in less than 90 minutes, and it will not cost you much more than the price of a couple of bargain bin games. All you need to do is repair your Xbox 360 yourself.

In order to do this, you will need an Xbox 360 repair guide to provide you with the necessary video repair instructions so that you can follow allong with the method for fixing the e74 error. Repair guides are abundantly available online, and come in digital download format. In order to get the best deal you should look for video repair instructions, free customer support in case you need any assistance, customer testimonials, and free bonuses to "sweeten the deal".

Although you probably do not want to spend around $ 30 on a repair guide, it is worth the investment when you consider that without one you will effectively be throwing away hundreds of dollars that you have sheled out on your Xbox 360 over the years. Also, there are no free alternatives- do not use any "free" repair guide which instructions you to do stupid things like wrap your Xbox 360 in a bath towel to get rid of the red lights and the e74 error code.

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