Personal Success – A New Way to Look at Your Problems

Do you look at the problems in your life and despair? Or do you see them as a challenge to be overcome? No matter how you approach things, there is a well-tried technique which will help you to see any aspect of your life in a different light.

That technique is called 're-framing'. Here are some simple steps to show you how it works.

Let's imagine that you say to yourself, "I do not have enough money". It is a straightforward problem, clearly stated, but let's see what happens when we reframe it.

Imagine if instead of saying "I do not have enough money", you said, "My expenditure is greater than my income", or, the reverse, "My income is less than my expenditure". Now we have two new ways of looking at the same problem and immediately we can start to think about solutions. Simply by striking the issue in a different way, it is transformed from a 'problem' into something which automatically begins to suggest its own solutions.

For example, we could think about ways that you might increase your income. Are you due a raise? Could you work more hours? Could you change jobs?

And what about your expenditure? Could you cut down on your bills? Spend less on meals out, or leisure time?

What if you were to approach from both sides by raising your income and cutting your bills simultaniously, till they meet in the middle? What if you started to think about creating a second source of income, or a third, and so on.

Can you see that by the simple act of reframing the 'problem' in your mind, you are now focused on thinking about solutions, instead of worrying about consequences. You are already moving away towards a positive change.

So, next time you are concerned about your problems, try changing them way you look at them. You will be amazed by the results.

Source by Andrew Grant

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