Parrot Mambo Review: more than the usual minidrone!

As you know, the French company Parrot is among the leading drone companies and it has recently started a line of affordable minidrones and one of them is the Parrot Mambo. Do not be fooled by Parrot Mambo’s light weight and tiny size, this quadcopter actually redefines having fun with drones! Parrot Mambo is relatively cheap, easy to fly and is FUN! So let’s find out together the good and the bad about Parrot Mambo.

Much more than just flying!

Parrot Mambo easily fits into the palm of your hand – measuring 15 x 15 cm and weighing only 63 grams, you won’t need to register with the FAA. When buying the Parrot Mambo, you will also receive two super fun accessories; the Cannon and the Grabber. Just attach the cannon on top of the Parrot Mambo and then the real fun starts! You can load up to 6 balls which are shot every 1.5 second. The cannon shoots up to 6 feet away. Don’t bother to look for the pellets, you won’t find them! Besides, you get 50 balls to play around. Practice firing a pyramid of cups or hit your annoying siblings; don’t worry they won’t get hurt!

You want to surprise your wife with a cute message or you want to drop one sugar cube in your coffee?! Then just attach the grabber to the Parrot Mambo and let it do the work for you! It can carry objects up to 4 grams. Place the object below the quadcopter as it is the best position to grab it.

Easy peasy to fly

Parrot Mambo is very  easy to fly. Press a button and it takes off and hovers at about 3 feet off the ground. Just grab your smartphone, download Parrot’s FreeFlight Mini app which controls directions and does other things like you can customize your max speed or altitude. But for those of you who enjoy the feeling of a controller with proper joysticks, then for some extra dollars, you can buy the Parrot Flypad here. Yes Parrot Mambo does not come with a controller, you will have to buy one separately (a downside).

If you fly with your smartphone, the control range is limited to 65 feet but with the Flypad, you can fly up to 200 feet away. If you let go of your controls, Parrot Mambo will hover and remain stable which is quite impressive for this reasonably-priced drone.

The Parrot Mambo can also do some cool flips and barrel rolls which are already preset and can be easily accessed on the FreeFlight Mini app.

If you are new to drone flying, then it would be better to leave the hulls attached till you get some experience flying the Parrot Mambo as there are no spare propellers included in the package. You can also buy extra propellers here. Newbies can also limit the speed and the altitude with the FreeFlight Mini app in the beginning.

The camera is not Parrot Mambo’s forte

The Parrot Mambo actually has a built-in camera – a fixed down-facing camera. Nothing exciting actually – a low-resolution 0.3 MP camera. Besides it can only take pictures but does not record videos.

Some technical specs…

The Parrot Mambo:

  1. Maximum speed of 18 miles per hour (30 km per hour)
  2. Charge time is 30 mins
  3. Flight time is 8 mins with accessories and hulls on or 9 mins without any hull or accessory
  4. Maximum altitude is 80 feet (25 m)

So let’s recap,

The good:

  • Great stability
  • Cannon and Grabber are fun accessories which make the Parrot Mambo stand out in the minidrones crowd

and the bad:

  • Poor quality camera
  • Flies better with the Flypad which needs to be bought separately

Parrot Mambo Drone Blogger Review

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