Parrot AR.Drone 2.0 review: looks like a fighter drone and ninja themed

In many ways, this is the ultimate drone with everything perfect about it. The Parrot AR.Drone 2.0 Power Edition has intuitive control and superb smartphone compatibility. The view of the earth it offers is breath-taking and the high definition video quality will mesmerize you.

The video can be shared to your social circle using the internet and the entertainment aspect is very high. The flight time is increased with two powerful batteries and the view is stunning as well. The lively colours used in the past models are discontinued and this model looks much more mature. This looks like a fighter drone with a black finish and the makeover is ninja themed.


The basic second generation model is developed massively and Parrot AR.Drone 2.0 Power Edition features a lot of improvements. The black coloured body looks menacing and the battery life is tripled. From a mere 12 minutes it has jumped to an impressive 36 minutes. A tablet or a smartphone is used to control it and this high-end machine has a HD camera.

The drone can execute a barrel-roll which is a joy to watch. You can have either an android or an iOS device to successfully install the app. This is a costly drone but the brilliant features make the price justifiable. The outdoor hull is in a streamlined shape and the indoor shell which offers protection has a plastic padding. So the added safety measures make the product durable.

Product Specifications

The dimensions of this quadcopter are 23 x 23 x 5 inches and the weight is 4 pounds. It is capable of surviving the crashes and the polypropylene body looks good. Experience piloting of a different level aided by your gadget. The drone is automatically stabilized and operates perfectly in outdoor conditions.

If you want to use it indoors, the device will not pose any problems. The high density batteries are the most important part of this product as they boost the flying time significantly. You can watch your drone fly for as long as 36 minutes. The video streaming and video recording quality is of a very high standard.

Parrot AR.Drone 2.0


  • If we analyze the past models, we will notice that Parrot has put special efforts to enhance the battery life. It is not improved by using any wizardry; it’s the two 1,500mAh batteries which provide enough juice for the drone to fly. Earlier a single 1,000 battery was used which was not enough. Although, the batteries take two hours to get charged up, it is not much of a problem.
  • As soon as you download the Ar. Freeflight 2.0 app from Google’s Play Store or the Apple Store, you can control many aspects of the drone. The app is not at all sluggish and no glitches are experienced. The navigation commands are smooth and there is no sluggishness. The drone will never go in a different direction and even if its crashes accidentally; the durability acts as the savior.
  • There will be no questions raised against the stability of this drone and no product even comes close. This is not some toy helicopter, AR Drone 2.0, can hold on to its position or hover in a controlled manner. The distance from the ground is also maintained properly as well. The power is supplied to the rotors individually and the electronic design is innovative enough to keep the things leveled. The range is 50 meters, so you can continue exploring, as your drone is powered by strong batteries and increased control.
  • Last but not the least is the flip. By hitting a button, barrel rolls can be executed mid-air. It consumes an ample amount of battery.

Area of Usage

Parrot AR.Drone 2.0 Power Edition is truly meant for the professionals and it has advanced uses. Aerial photography and video shooting can be done seamlessly. There are several communities in which these videos can be shared. Drones are used in gaming and similar competitions, in which many professionals participate. Moreover, considering the entertainment aspect, hobbyists will love its features.

Final Verdict

You should most definitely buy this product.  It will entertain you completely and without doubt you will love its features. The drone’s automatic features are awesome, it performs well and the flying is ultra responsive. Some drones are inconsistent, but this one is far from it. The novelty doesn’t wear off rapidly and this one will stay good for a long time.

Parrot is a market leader in consumer drones and with this one it will surely strengthen its position in the market. It functions beautifully and you will not experience any trouble with long periods of use. It is a fast machine and it is fun, you have to invest a little if you want to experience its offerings. The luxurious drone is a great buy and once you own it you will have plenty of things to do.


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