Online Auction Benefits and Nightmares

Wow! You see a product you have been looking for on a website. This could be E-bay or a number of other websites to numerous to mention. You are all excited because you got it cheap and the description and picture looked great.

You finally got the product in the expected time frame from UPS or another service. You open the box and almost faint. It is very dirty. You say "Oh well! I'll just clean it". Let's assume it is a printer or some kind of electronic device just for now. You plug it in and wala! Woops! NOT! It gives you and error. You try it again and again. Still you get the same results. So now you decide to look up the problem on the internet or manual if it has one. You try what the manufacturer says to do. It still does not work. You decide to call the manufacturer. They walk you through a very long troubleshooting session. (Not including the time it took waiting for the person to answer).

Filing a complaint

If you do not get satisfaction from the, manufacturer you need to "try" to work it out with the seller. There is help available on these sites or you can e-mail them or fill out a provided form. Not all of them have toll free numbers and some do not even have a phone option. If the person that sold you the item cooperates you may be able to get your money back. Normally you do have to send the item back. You may or may not get the shipping fee reimbursed. If you can not resolve the issue by contacting the seller you may be forced to escalate it to an actual claim. If you went through PayPal you need to resolve it through them. It can get very complex and time consuming but you must follow through if you want to get your money back or come up with a satisfactory resolution.

What to NEVER do

Once you receive the item never, never, never take it apart or try to fix it in any way. If you do it may void the possibility of getting your money back. It must go back in its original condition. You may need to ship it back so keep the original box. Try not to get angry. That is the hardest part of this entire transaction. You must try to keep your cool or you will not get the result you want to get. Try to be profession. Do not neglect e-mails of any kind from E-bay, PayPal or even the seller. They may have information that needs to be answered in a certain time frame. If you do not answer these within a given time you may not get your money back etc. As an example: It may tell you that you have a non payment strike or some other critical message. If you do not seem to have time to resolve the issue you may need to hire somebody to help you out.

Source by Dennis Levenhagen

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