New Hover 2 Drone Will Launch Next Week

You’ll remember that a couple of years ago Zero Zero Robotics launched the Hover Camera Passport, a drone that looked to be the solution to all those stories of people flying indoors to get a selfie and ending up with fingers missing.

The drone got so much attention that Apple started selling it exclusively in its stores.

Hover Camera Passport

The original Hover Camera Passport was a hit.

Well, we’ve just got word from Zero Zero Robotics explaining that the company will be launching a new drone next week, on November 14th.

All we know so far about the Hover 2 is that it “flies itself”, which isn’t giving much away. In fact, that same description could probably be applied to the original.

You can watch the promo video below…

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Bigger and better?

So what can we tell from the sneak peek we’ve been given so far? Well, it looks… quite big?

hover 2 camera drone

The first questions would be: What are those two things sticking out of its head? Are they handlebars? Is this thing going to be big enough to ride?

More likely is that they are for providing a flash function – something no drone on the market currently does. Or they could be some form of sensor to help the Hover 2 better understand the world around it. After all, if the company is leading with the fact that it “flies itself,” we’re expecting some pretty sophisticated levels of autonomy.

Not quite Skydio standard, but anything close would be impressive.

To be fair, the image above doesn’t give much away. It looks more like a skateboard-unicorn hybrid than a consumer drone. The least we’re expecting is that it will be foldable and ultra-portable, like the original Hover drone.

Keep an eye out next week. We’ll be reporting on the new launch from Zero Zero Robotics, looking into the features and functionality of the Hover 2 and assessing what impact it could have on the consumer drone market.

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