Make – Creative Workspace | Aerial Drone Video | Barberswift Aerial tour of, Make, a creative workspace in Carlsbad, California. Barberswift Aerial is a Portland, Oregon based cinematography and imaging company specializing in drone visuals (video and still photography), as well as land-based video and still photography.

Excerpt from the Make website –
“Make is an office campus for ambitious and innovative companies that demand a work environment which sets them apart.
175,000 square feet of multi-tenant office space has been created out of an old warehouse near the ocean in Carlsbad, CA. The building and amenities were developed with the user in mind. Designed to blend work and life, indoor and outdoor, MAKE takes full advantage of an ideal climate and location. It is a place where talent thrives and companies maximize their creative productivity.”

Barberswift Aerial
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