Lost is a Spiritual Problem

Lost, but you do not know where you're going.

Lost is a horrible place to feel. You recognize it because Life just does not seem to be working. Nothing is satisfying, or at least nothing is satisfying for very long. You look back and you have no idea what you did wrong. Or you may look back and see one wrong turn after another, one wrong choice after another. But when you examine each of those choices in isolation, you know that you made the best choice you could have given the circumstances that surrounded you at the time.

The worst of it is, that if someone gave you a magic wand and three wishes, you know, deep down, that no matter what you wished for, as soon as you got over the excuse of change, that you would feel just as lost , just as dissatisfied with life.

You may not realize it but Lost is a Spiritual Problem.

By Spiritual I do not mean religious. By Spiritual I do mean that it is to do with the essence of who you really are, the essence of the love that you are.

Entertain the idea for a moment or two that maybe, just maybe, Life is a Journey with a Purpose. The map of that journey is coded, say, in your DNA, or maybe it's something instinctive or intuitive, but it's there and we can somehow feel it. Then during our formative years we are socialized into looking outside ourselves for answers rather than within. We are taught not to trust our instincts, but to obey rules. Other people always know what is best for us. Be that well-meaning parents, teachers, religious leaders, supervisors, managers, politicians. Some of the people who guide you will have your best interests at heart; some will have their own. Either way you are taught to think for yourself, but only if the solutions you produce are acceptable. When you are intelligent, or curious, or talented, or playful, or thirsty for knowledge about something you have an interest in and you ask your teachers questions that they do not know the answers to, you may be carefully discouraged from asking 'stupid 'questions.

If questions are asked with a genuine thirst for knowledge, then there are no stupid questions.

It is because we are discouraged from listening within that that we lose sight of what we are here to accomplish. And when we wander way off the map within – then we are lost. Then nothing looks to work. Then life seems unsatisfying. Then we feel unfulfilled.

The way to get back on the map is to start to look within for answers. Not answers you get from knowledge, but answers you get from gut instinct, answers you get from whether or not something just feels right.

If you want to start the process right now, then look through your memories for something you used to enjoy and bought you pleasure. Something you have not done for a long time. Then go out and do it. Make a pact with yourself to do something you really enjoy for a little while each day. Something as simple as watching something on tv that makes you laugh, feeding the ducks on the local pond, building a sandcastle even though other people are watching. It does not have to be complicated or earth-shattering. Simple pleasure. That's all.

What this does is communicate a very important message to the forgotten part of you. It says, 'I'm ready to come home, so please turn on a light to guide me' and you'll find that magical things start to happen. You'll find your interest in life itself returning. You may also discover that you're in the wrong relationship, the wrong job, the wrong location, and want to make changes and that's fine as long as the changes feel right deep down inside. Use that as your guide from now on and you will soon be back on track.

Source by Michael Hadfield

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