IOS Commands – 3 Reasons Why You Need to Master Cisco IOS For Your CCNA and Beyond

Mastering IOS Commands are an extremely important part of your CCNA preparation. By the time you take your CCNA, you should be familiar with all the necessary commands and how to do various basic troubleshooting and configuration tasks at the command line. If you can’t recall the IOS commands easily, this might prove to be a big stumbling block for you CCNA test and beyond. Here are 3 reasons why you need to master IOS commands:

  1. CCNA test simulation questions – Cisco has introduced simulation questions into the CCNA and this has been in place for several years now. They test the CCNA candidate’s ability to do configuration and troubleshooting tasks at the command line. This usually involve the configuration of a simple network or fixing something which is broken in the network. Due to the complexity of the simulation questions when compared with other kinds of questions, it is generally accepted that these questions carry a higher weight when computing the final score. However, this has not been confirmed by Cisco (and probably will never be confirmed). Because of this, you should be very familiar with IOS so you can tackle and solve these types of simulation questions easily so you stand a good chance of passing the CCNA test.
  2. Business requirements – Many employers (particularly bigger companies) are looking for a network engineer with good problem identification and resolution skills. Cisco has the largest market share in terms of network equipment in the enterprise sector, and their market dominance looks set to continue. Largely due to this reason, most network troubleshooting these days in the enterprise environment revolves around being able to type in the proper “show” IOS commands and look for possible issues. If it’s a configuration fault, you need to know the proper configuration IOS commands to resolve this as well.
  3. Other Cisco certifications – For professional level Cisco certifications such as the CCNP, you need to know IOS commands at a deeper level. If you already have good foundation when doing your CCNA, learning about how to configure Cisco network equipment at a more advanced level becomes easier.

Source by Francis W Teo

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