Intel Sets New Drone Light Show Record at 50th Anniversary Party

To mark the company’s 50th anniversary, technology giant Intel has set a new world record with a drone light show…again. This time, 2,018 LED-carrying drones took to the skies above the company’s base in Folsom, California. The results were pretty spectacular.

This is What 2,000 of Intel’s Shooting Stars Look Like

You can see some of the footage and still photos of the event below. Read more: Intel Drone Boss Anil Nanduri Joins NASA Advisory Council Aeronautics Committee It’s the latest in a long line of Intel’s dramatic light shows, featuring the company’s Shooting Star drones. So far the firework-replacing technology has been deployed at the Winter Olympics in South Korea, above the Super Bowl, Coachella festival and much more besides. “Several years ago, we had an idea of flying drones forming the Intel logo over our corporate headquarters, and here we are doing just that. It really speaks to the innovative spirit that Intel was founded on 50 years ago,” said Anil Nanduri, vice president and general manager of Intel’s Drone Group. Intel’s 50th-anniversary drone light show is the second Guinness World Record we’ve covered this week. The first was a new speed record for a tilt-rotor drone, which you can read about here. intel drone light show 50th anniversary No doubt the display was a welcome distraction amid testing times. Intel is continuing the search for a new CEO after the controversial departure of Brian Krzanich in June, while there is increased competition in the chip marketplace, Intel’s key business area. Read more: Intel’s Drone Light Show Team Takes Cover of Time

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