Intel Drone Boss Anil Nanduri Joins NASA Advisory Council Aeronautics Committee

Vice President and General Manager of Intel’s Drone Group, Anil Nanduri, has been appointed to the NASA Advisory Council Aeronautics Committee.

Nanduri has previously worked with the FAA on the UAS Aviation Rulemaking Committee in an effort to develop regulations to safely integrate drones into the national airspace. His new role at NASA will be as part of a group that meets regularly and offers advice to the NASA Administrator.

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The NASA Advisory Council provides expertise and insight to the Administrator regarding the agency’s “strategic plans, programs, policies and other matters pertinent to the Agency’s responsibilities for aeronautics research and development.”

NASA says the Advisory Council’s advice “spans basic research and technology applicable to all areas of aviation that are under the purview of the Aeronautics Research Mission Directorate. These areas include but are not limited to commercial air transportation, advanced air vehicles, aviation safety, and air transportation system technology research, development, and demonstration.”

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The Committee’s members, which aside from Nanduri include Boeing CTO Dr. Greg Hyslop and Dr. Eric Allison, Head of Aviation Programs at Uber, are appointed by the NASA Administrator with the aim of representing industry, academia, and professional organizations. Committee members are appointed for two years.

Who is Anil Nanduri?

If you haven’t heard of him already, Anil Nanduri is VP & GM of the Drone Group at Intel. He might just have the coolest job in the industry. He has led the Intel drone group since its inception in 2015, and his role has been to establish Intel’s drone strategy, explore emerging technologies in the field and provide solutions for commercial applications.

These range from Intel’s Insight platform to the company’s drone light shows, collision avoidance technology and software for the transport drone Volocopter.

If you want to learn more about Nanduri and the drone-related work he’s overseeing at Intel, we recommend listening to an interview he did with Commercial Drones FM last year…

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