How to Troubleshoot a Xerox Printer

Most homes that have a computer also have a printer in the house. After all, we need it to print out forms, coupons, directions, and any other information we might need from the Internet or our own desktop documents. It's wonderful when your xerox printer is working smoothly, but when something goes wrong when you really need it, it can be frustrating. Printer problems are often because of one of two reasons, issues with the network connection or with the actual printer itself.

The most common issue that happens with a printer is a paper jam. There can be a lot of reasons why this happens; too much paper loaded, problems with the actual inside of the printer, or sometimes the reason is not so apparent. It's best not to try to pull the paper out forcibly from the outside. Open up the printer and check the inside for where the jam is and see if you can dislodge it from there.

When the images are coming out smeared, it may be because the print heads are dirty. Take out the print cartridges and check them for any dirt. It's as easy as using a q-tip to fix the problem. If nothing is coming out at all, it could be a lack of ink. But if you've just put in a new cartridge, you may want to take it out and reinstall it. Sometimes it just is not sitting correctly inside the machine.

If you are having connection problems between the computer and xerox printer, you'll want to take a look at your connection. If it is a wired printer, make sure wires are tightly plugged in without any loose connection. If it is wireless, check the wireless connection between the two. Make sure it's connecting through the right wireless connection and that the signal is not being blocked in anyway.

Sometimes the printer has been working fine for a while and suddenly just stops. Check for new drivers. This can often be done through the manufacturer's website. If the drivers have any updates, you can download the new ones right from their website and install. This will make sure everything is compatible and running up to date.

If all else fails, uninstall and reinstall your printer. You should always hold onto installation CDs that come with the printer for this reason. Make sure when uninstalling that every single file is cleared out before reinstalling. Sometimes installations get corrupt, so doing this can reset everything.

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