How To Get A Big Dong

Attempting to get a big dong can be a troublesome experience. First you have to sift through all the hype regarding size pills, pumps, and magic routines. Next you have to take safety into consideration. Are these things safe? Is the risk to benefit ratio really worth it? Then you have to focus on effectiveness. What really works in the most efficient time possible. Here I proceed to go through some very important factors to consider when on the quest for a big dong.

1. Skip the pills. There are just too many claims being batted around regarding popping pills that will create a big dong. There is little evidence that the penis pill route is going to work to any huge degree, if at all, and you can waste a lot of time and energy trying to sort through all the claims and promises.

2. Pumping for a big dong. Now there are all kinds of contraptions out there promising that your a few pumps away from a big dong. You can narrow down the search better than with the pills, but there is still a lot of information you have to sort out. Mainly in regards to safety. This is the one method where safety may be of your greatest concern. Any time you introduce a machine or contraption of some sort into the mix, then you’re opening the window for potential harm to occur. And when we are talking about harm to your Johnson, then that is of paramount importance, and a issue which will take some time to sort out whether or not it’s worth the promised big dong.

3. Exercises. That’s correct, exercising you Johnson for a big dong. This is probably the most reliable method, and if done properly perhaps the safest. (Though I’m sure many of those big dong promising pills may be harmless placebo’s.) But you can achieve a big dong by performing regular exercises in the proper manner.

The quest for a big dong can ultimately be achieved, though not without a fair share of due diligence on your part. Look at all the possibilities for a potential big dong, applying safety and effectiveness as priority. I would first concentrate on looking at exercises and routines, before dealing with the pills and pumps. You may discover your big dong dream is only a few thousand exercise reps away!

Source by Chess McDoogle

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