How to Fix the Xbox 360 Video Failure Problem

So, you have been hit with the Xbox 360 video failure problem? Well, you have come to the right place to solve this problem. This problem is very familiar with gamers and can happen to any Xbox 360. It is not about overplaying your Xbox 360, it is just a technical problem that the Xbox 360 has. In this situation, you have two options. You can either fix your console by yourself or you can send your Xbox 360 back to Microsoft to have it repaired.

If you decide to fix the Xbox at home by yourself, reset all your display settings and unplug all of your cables. Also, look around to confirm that you do not have the three rings of death. After you have done this procedure, wait for at least five minutes and put all your cables back and reboot your Xbox 360. If you still have the problem, you will have to buy repair guide and your scaler chip which is the main source from where your video input comes from. The repair guide will show you all the details with pictures on how to fix your Xbox 360.

If you chose to send your Xbox 360 back to Microsoft, you will be charged at least $ 100 and you will have to wait for at least one month until you get your console back. If your warranty has not expired, you will not be charged but you will have to wait for at least one month. In other words, you will not be able to play your console for one month and just to let you know, Microsoft will not lend you a console.

So, these are the 2 options to fix your Xbox 360 video failure problem.

Source by Navtej Singh Aujla

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