Grand Prismatic Spring @ Yellowstone NP

Grand Prismatic Spring @ Yellowstone NP

We were standing at the Grand Prismatic Spring and I was wondering where these shots were taken where you have a more or less higher level view over the spring. It was only then that we saw people on the mountain at the other side of the spring standing on some kind of observation platform. So I immediately said to my girlfriend: "Come on, let’s go over there. You’ll probably have a much better view over the spring." And so it was indeed. The views from there were amazing. Strangely, the trail to this platform was not well signed. Maybe because they want to avoid too many people on the trail.

Too bad drone photography is not allowed at the spring, though I completely understand it. If allowed, there would be like a swarm of drones above the Grand Prismatic Spring (and some occasionally falling into the spring). I wonder if there are any chartered flights over Yellowstone. If so, then that’s something for our next visit.

Yellowstone is by the way an amazing national park. It is not that easy to get to, but it is definitely worth a visit.


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