e2E Completes Over-the-Air Flight Trial of SATCOM UAS-I Product

e2E Satcom Limited, a provider of satellite communications solutions, has announced that it has successfully completed its first over-the-air flight test of the newly launched UAS-I SATCOM communication node for drone systems.

The node is based on the company’s e2Eaccess technology that features low size, weight and power (SWaP) profiles. e2E selected Callen-Lenz, a provider of comprehensive technology solutions and consultancy within manned and unmanned aircraft systems, as the official test partner for the trial which took place in Salisbury, UK. Live telemetry data was downloaded while waypoint and flight commands were sent to the winged aircraft.

Barry Ross, CEO of e2E said:

“We have created an ultra-light, less than 1kg communications node which will open the sub 44 pound sUAS market for future Beyond Visual Line-of-Sight (BVLOS) operations, now having the availability to utilize satellite communications.”

The success of these flight trials is considered a major step towards establishing operational procedures for small drones accomplishing BVLOS missions. Making satcom available to these platforms as a resilient form of communication creates a justifiable and solid business case for safely extending the reach of UAS operations, globally.

Mario Sforza, Head of Marketing and Sales at e2E, added “Our e2Eaccess UAS-I is a true game changer for UAS BVLOS operations and provides a very cost-effective tool to operators and end- users alike to increase efficiency, resilience and safety while reducing operational costs.”

Last month, the company launched what it calls “a low-cost, low power, compact and lightweight satellite communication terminal, called e2Eaccess UAS-I, for enhancing communications connectivity of small [drones.”

“e2Eaccess UAS-I is a revolutionary product that will transform the operation of sUAS by facilitating an improvement in their ability to fly in EVLOS (Extended Visual Line of Sight) and BVLOS (Beyond Visual Line of Sight) conditions. e2Eaccess UAS-I is a game changer as it significantly improves EVLOS and BVLOS communications by easily interfacing with a variety of radio frequency modules and delivering connectivity at different operating frequency bands, making it highly adaptable to different forms of monitoring and communication, while remaining lightweight and compact as required for sUAS use.”

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