Drone Long Exposure

Drone Long Exposure

DJI Mavic Pro
Nisi Mavic Filter ND 64
.5 second exposure
Full image at www.flickr.com/photos/brusca/
Local fisherman on the coast of South Sumatra chance their luck on a rocky outcrop during morning fishing.
When you have been patiently awaiting the weather to turn for 3 days and the final morning the clouds are still not lifting and the light is still not breaking through, the thought process and creativity has to switch gears. I had gotten a few shots of Wayhawang Beach over the last few days with some nice long exposures under trying conditions and on my final morning there was no rain but once again too much cloud cover.
So I decided to focus my morning on creating some nice landscapes with the Mavic Pro partnered with the nisi mavic filters. The sunrise had not eventuated and the light was low enough along with the nd64 to try a bit of a long exposure using the Mavic Pro to try and capture the movement of the waves rolling in. I had never tried this before so it was a bit of an experiment. I flew the Mavic Pro into position and then switched to tripod mod in the hope that this would help steady the shot. I used manual settings in the dji app to get the exposure right and the longest I could manage was .5 of a second using the nd64 nisi filter.

Personally I think the experiment worked out just fine and I am happy with the result from a drone at .5 second of exposure time. The exposure time really captured the movement of the waves and shows the drama as the fisherman attempt to make the catch.
I love how this new mobile workflow setup gives me so many options and it all fits into one handy backpack.

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Posted by brusca on 2017-08-31 04:25:36

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