Drone Fly [Eristalis tenax]

Drone Fly [Eristalis tenax]

Drone Fly [Eristalis tenax] is a European hoverfly, commonly known as the drone fly is widely established throughout the world. The larva of Eristalis tenax is a rat-tailed maggot. It lives in drainage ditches, pools around manure piles, sewage, and similar places containing water badly polluted with organic matter. The larva likely feeds on the abundant bacteria living in these places. The adult fly that emerges from the pupa is harmless. It looks somewhat like a drone honey bee, and likely gains some degree of protection from this resemblance to a stinging insect. The adults are called drone flies because of this resemblance. Like other hover flies, they are common visitors to flowers, especially in late summer and autumn, and can be significant pollinators. Large (wingspan 15mm), stocky, bee mimic. Eyes are marbled in black. Males have hovering displays. Adults feed on flowers, especially those of carrot and fennel.

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