Do Those Foot Pads Really Detoxify the Whole Body?

The Japanese are always about ten steps ahead of other countries when it comes to health care. From the infrared saunas to the ionized water technology, they are right on the money when it comes to technologies that really work on the health issues that are prevalent in the modern world today. Now come the foot pads that detox the entire body.

Toxins play a major role in the proliferation of major health problems such as mood swings, skin problems, poor concentration, memory loss, sinus infections, and many others. An unbalanced diet as well as being around a lot of chemicals in the environement can be the reason for the above diseases.

The foot pads that are widely used by the Japanese are designed to "pull" toxins out of the body through the feet. Strange as this may seem, it is true. The foot pads have an herbal mixture in them that acts as a poultice that draws materials from the body that the body can not use in a healthy way into the pad. The longer the pads are used the more toxins will come out. Things such as heavy metals, parasites, chemicals and other impurities will be removed and found as a brown gooey residue on the pads. The pads should be changed every morning after using them overnight.

After using the pads, for a few weeks, you will notice a big change in your energy level. Other unpleasant problems you have been suffering, such a "cloudy thinking," crankiness, or stiff joints, will slowly disappear.

What are you waiting for? Clean up your body with the herbal foot pads and get on the road to good health.

Source by Glenn Calvert

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