Do not Let Customer Service Solve Your Clients' Problems!

One way to be assured of power sales is not to give your clients over to your customer service department!

Sure, your customer service department is qualified to field most questions your client might ask.

Of course, they can help solve problems that might pop up.

Maybe they would be willing to cross-sell some back end items or services you might have.

But, do they really care about each and every client? Do they have the relationship you have with your clients? Are they relying on that client to make future purchases for you?

There are very few customer service employees who can actually answer questions about products and services, let alone do it professionally.

Of those who are professional about answering questions, can they actually solve problems?

Then, of those who can answer questions and solve problems, are they relying on repeat business for their jobs? They would be indirectly – if you lost all of your clients, they would be out of a job – but how about directly? If something is not directly affecting their job, most people do not really give it much thought.

Have you trained your customer service employees to:

  • Care about what happens to your clients?
  • Put themselves in the client's shoes and do for them respectively?
  • Treat each client, no matter how much or how little they purchase, as a valued person?
  • Realize that each client has a potential to either add or subtract from your current client base?

Do you "catch" your employees doing good and reward them for great service to your clients?

Do you give your employees a "piece of the action" when things are going good?

Train your employees well about your products and services, teach them the proper ways to talk to clients. By catching them being exceptional with your clients and rewarding them, you will give them an important responsibility in the business that will make them want to do better.

Give your employees a bonus when business is doing good because of their good work. A satisfied employee will help make for satisfied clients.

If you made the original contact or sale, you should write your personal cell phone number on the back of your business card to give to that client so he can personally call you if he has any problems. Think of the trust you would build with that client, who would be so impressed that he would just have to tell his friends of the great client services that you give!

Taking care of your current clients is one of the most important services you can do to build your business. It not only helps you keep your current clients, it will give you referral by word-of-mouth, which is the most cost effective you can get, and it also provides an attitude of trust even before you meet with new clients.

Care about what happens after the sale, take care of your clients and you'll never have to worry about losing their loyalty.

Put some thought in training your Customer Service employees right, make them more than just someone who happens to answer the phone, but even with excellent Service representatives, give personal attention to your client's problems.

Source by Diane Finch

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