DJI Phantom 4 Pro Review: longer flight time and smarter features

Legends never die and the same is true with the case of the Phantom series by DJI. The Phantom 4 PRO is all set to amaze you with its amazing new features which is considered to be a worthy upgrade. It might retain the same design on the outside but it has a completely revamped hardware on the inside, making it one of the best value for money drones in the market today. Dazzling with its angelic white color, it features a curvaceous body that is a sight to behold. It uses a titanium alloy and magnesium alloy airframe that increases the rigidity yet keeps the overall weight to a minimum. The stellar feature of the Phantom 4 PRO is its 4K UHD camera with a 1-inch 20 megapixel CMOS sensor. The bigger sensor allows for a fabulous aerial visual experience. Videos are captured with more image detail and colors. The 20 megapixel photographs need no introduction to the fabulous world of professional image quality. Flight safety has been enhanced with the use of a unique 5-directional obstacle sensing system. Smart flight modes include the Draw, ActiveTrack, TapFly, Return to Home and Gesture modes. With a longer range and extended flight times that were not possible before, the Phantom 4 PRO is here to dominate the skies above.


The Phantom 4 PRO is a beautiful drone that features a body with smooth contours. It features a titanium and magnesium alloy construction to its airframe which makes it both durable, yet light in weight. The quality of plastics used on the Phantom 4 PRO are quite good able to tackle the challenging flight conditions. The whole frame is well put together with no visible gaps thus enabling a safe flight even in the most demanding weather conditions. With critical updates being done to the safety of flight, there are three sets of dual vision sensors in the Phantom 4 PRO. These sensors unite to form a 6-camera navigation system that constantly works to keep the aircraft safe at all times. It boasts tiny little cameras that record real time as it takes off, so that it can find the same spot to land when it comes back home after a long flight. The powerful camera system is mounted on a 3-axis gimbal system beneath the drone that can record some of the most gorgeous aerial imagery yet.


The imaging system used on the Phantom 4 PRO is by far one of the most powerful systems ever used on an aerial drone.  DJI has redesigned the camera system to fit a monstrous 1 inch 20 megapixel CMOS image sensor. The larger sensor captures further more image information in each pixel, thus enabling an enhanced dynamic range. Low light performance is also increased with its ability to capture images with lesser noise ratio than before. Images are recorded with a better contrast value and the ISO value is now bumped all the way up to 12800. The f2.8, 24mm wide angle lens is made up to eight elements that are arranged in seven groups to form a custom engineered formation. This camera is also the first DJI camera that uses a mechanical shutter instead of an electronic one which is found on most other camera systems. The primary function of a mechanical shutter is its unique ability to flawlessly eliminate the rolling shutter distortion. This results in clearer images while recording fast moving objects or while filming in high speed.


Video capturing in the Phantom 4 PRO is optimized for ultimate quality. The video processing system is capable of capturing 4K videos at cinema and production optimized DCI 4K/60fps with a bit rate of 100mbps. High resolution slow motion shots are now possible which opens up a whole new realm of creative possibilities. The H.265 doubles up the image processing as opposed to the commonly used H.264, significantly resulting in professional image quality.

Phantom 4 Pro Footage

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Capture more than what meets the eye with the fabulously large image sensor. The wide angle high resolution lens can capture gorgeous aerial imagery that ooze with DSLR like image quality. The highly detailed 20 megapixel photographs come alive with low distortion and low dispersion for true to life colors. The mechanical shutter is unique to the Phantom 4 PRO that can click pictures at 1/2000s. This unique shutter system eliminates the rolling shutter distortion for a more natural look to the images captured at high speeds.

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Flying an aerial drone has always been a challenge to many. Obstacles encountered in the flight path of an aerial drone has to be dealt with precisely at the right moment to avoid damages. The Phantom 4 PRO uses 3 sets of dual vision sensors that unite to form a 6 camera navigational system. Once the Phantom 4 PRO is in flight mode, these sensors constantly work to calculate the relative speeds and distance between the Phantom 4 PRO and the obstacles that it has to tackle with in its flight. It is powerful enough to detect obstacles 98ft (30m) in the front. The smart sensors can then plan and allows the Phantom 4 PRO to avoid the obstacle by either flying above it or choosing a flight path that is around the object. There are infrared sensors on the left and right sides of the main frame of the aircraft helping the Phantom 4 PRO avoid obstacles in a total of four different directions. It can cruise the skies comfortably at 31 mph (50kph) utilizing the complete assistance of its stereo vision obstacle sensing systems.


The elegantly crafted controller for the Phantom 4 PRO features an upgraded version of the Lightbridge HD Video transmission system. This adds a 5.8 GHz transmission support to cut interference levels and eliminates image lag caused when flying in a 2.8 GHz zone which is the most commonly used frequency. The dual joysticks provide precise flight inputs at all times, enabling for swift movements. The clip to hold the smart devices are sturdy enough and provides a firm grip for your devices. The Phantom 4 PRO + package features a seamlessly integrated 5.5 inch Full HD 1080p screen on the controller, which can eliminate the need of your smart devices completely.


The Phantom 4 PRO is powered by 5870 mAh Lithium polymer Smart battery system. This powerful battery can provide an ample flight time of up to 30 minutes.


If you are seeking to capture the best image quality in aerial imagery and a safe flight at all times, then look no further than the Phantom 4 PRO. The new and powerful 4K camera has taken aerial imagery to a whole new level. Better images at low light, the presence of a mechanical shutter and the variable aperture controls along with a powerful prime lens makes it one of the best drones that is also easy to fly with its powerful obstacle avoidance sensor systems.

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