Depth of Questions – Stop Thinking and End Your Problems

All you need to know is present within you already. The truth of awareness is just behind your thoughts. The answers to all your questions are available to you by accessing the field of energy that supports all life. If you trust the answers that come to you by asking your thoughts, the wisdom of awareness will surface. The process of asking questions and receiving answers gives you the ability to improve your understanding of the world. Education and learning are the names of expanding your knowledge in different fields of study. Think about how education has developed over the centuries of human development. As the knowledge base grew, education was formalized into schools.

The invention of writing and then books were each a huge leap forward in the development of learning. Computers and the Internet have improved access to a shared database of knowledge from all over the world. The fundamental basis for all learning is the process of inquiry. Questions about how the natural world and the body works have developed scientific and medical knowledge. Questions about the origins of self and consciousness have created the teachings found in spiritual texts. No matter where you start, the process is the same for any subject. You only need to ask a question to get started. Where you go with it or how much you learn is dependent on your desire to know more about the subject.

Asking questions to resolve personal issues may seem uncomfortable at first. Because the ego is protective of the individual personality, you assume that whatever you believe is always right. Your beliefs are the filter that you experience life through. When you believe someone is wrong for behaving a certain way, look closely at why you feel that way. What part of you is in conflict with that behavior? By asking your reaction you will be getting clarity about issues that was hidden before.

By starting with non-stressful thought, you can begin to build trust with the process. A life of inquiry is simply paying attention to your reactions. Whatever thoughts come to you through the day as you experience life are your opportunities to bring more awareness of yourself and others. Ask "Why do I feel or believe this thought to be true?" There is no right or wrong answer. You are trying to get a better understanding of why you believe what you believe. If your reaction thought causes stress or conflict then ask "who will I be without that thought?" Without stressful thoughts you will be in peace and harmony with yourself. You will begin to feel unity with others rather than separation. You may begin to see the world as a friendly welcoming environment.

Accepting and allowing is a fundamental choice for everyone who is betrayed with conflict. Your reactions to the news of the day are a good place to start looking at your beliefs. When you read stories of conflict and stressful situations, can you find a place within you that can allow the event to be what it is without casting a "would, should or could" on top of it? Knowing reality to be as it is will help you maintain objective awareness. The second step is to accept that whatever the event as the truth for everyone involved, without attaching a value judgment of good or bad onto them. Accepting reality to be the truth without judgment will free your mind from believing in judgments. Remember that any suffering or conflict you identify with is only a reflection of any suffering or conflict within you.

As awareness grows perception will change as you begin to withhold judgments. You are the old and the new at the same time. You are always what you believe yourself to be, until you question that thought. The progress of understanding starts with self identity. As you learn to love yourself, which means accepting yourself as you are, you can start to extend that acceptance to others. There is no end to the process of preventing and accepting because life is the process; it is the essence of your life. This process of mindfully living is described in many spiritual practices. Everyday life becomes the spiritual path because it offers endless opportunity to grow awareness. "The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step" reminds us that any action begins as a thought first. It takes an open mind to take the journey of self discovery.

Inquiry and questioning beliefs is a tenant of exploring alternatives to traditional ways of doing things. Collective beliefs tend to keep people in alignment with the status quo. However as individual beliefs are asked, enough people will ever tip the balance of collective thought to create a shift in consciousness for society. We have many examples of this at work in our history. The founding of the Christian church, the American Revolution and the Civil Rights Movement are all examples of how individual thoughts can change collective thought.

As you begin your personal journey to self awareness many beliefs will be put to the test. You may be shocked at the answers and probably confused many times. The defining truth is whether beliefs create separation and stress or peace and harmony. The variations of beliefs are like the stars in the sky, impossible to name or number them all. They are all stem from the same source, which is the ego mind creating the sense of separation from the unified energy field from which all life flows.

As questions are honestly asked, answers will appear. Meditation, yoga and reading spiritual texts are part of the journey as well. You can see the changes that these practices create as you continue your journey. Your progress is yours alone. This is your educational adventure, the end of fear and suffering in your life forever. If you feel the emotional responses are too hard to face as if old wounds are being opened, then you are on the brink of major transformation. The depth of despair is matched equally by the love of acceptance on the other side of that belief.

Source by William Lovett

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