Dance of the drone, Dec 2014 – 18

Dance of the drone, Dec 2014 - 18

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Several members of the eastern and southern contingent of my extended family converged in Indialantic, Florida to celebrate the Christmas holidays in December 2014 — and these photos illustrate one of the more unusual activities of the gathering.

One of my nephews, Matt Adcock, is a world-famous wedding photographer — and is not only a much better photographer than I could ever dream of being, but is also much more of a gadget freak than I will ever be. For the past year, one of his main passions has been “drone photography” — mostly consisting of GoPro cameras mounted on a small drone that he can manipulate and navigate from the ground, as it flies around taking videos and still shots of things on the ground.

Matt persuaded my grandniece to dance around in my sister’s back yard, with a setting sun and the Indian River in the background — as his drone danced around, too, following her every move. It was hypnotic to watch … and a little spooky, too, to see how the technology worked…

Included in this set are a few photos of the drone-dancing activities. Matt would have taken infinitely better photos than I did, and I found it difficult to balance the shadows, the backlighting of the setting sun, and the motion of both people and the drone dancing around … but hopefully, it will be enough to give you a sense of what it was like…

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