Crunch Time Of Your Spiritual Being

There are certain ways in life we all must go at some time to make it where we need (and sometimes want) to go, and this article is about that in a way. Sometimes it takes more personal force to get things done than others, like God themselves is not going to get us out of bed in the morning with direct force. We must take free will action on that to get out of bed in the morning, in fact and reality. When I think of what it takes to live a good or great existence, sometimes it does seem daunting, but somehow I rise above myself to do it when the “crunch time of the spirit comes for me”.

When I think of “selling out” or giving up, I remember this: The kite of opportunity rises most of the time with the worst winds of adversity blowing it around, or “opportunity comes in the work clothes of problem solving, especially for the best of us while selling out comes in the tuxedo of seeming ease and luxury that is really a harder, less opportunity filled path to go”.

What I mean by the above statements is some of the worst problems can become lucrative opportunities to build the best and most profitable solutions. Especially when it comes down to physical and spiritual problems.

The greatest “crunch times of the spirit” come when we do face the worst problems, and come out with the best solutions instead of “caving in to weakness”. The best opportunities, then, come out of the worst problems if we endeavor to solve them instead of “cry weakness”.

Sure, reality is what we make it. First, though, we have to get started on making it instead of feeling it is the problem of someone else, anyone else, and whoever else. This is the essence of “spiritual crunch time”, our responsibility to ourselves to make the journey from problem to profitable opportunity for ourselves.

Indeed, perfection is when we consistently take responsibility and solve problems well. Perfection is not a fixed condition, it is a dynamic process. This is the mistake most people make when they consider perfection a spiritual reality. The dynamic process of perfection takes work, realistic honesty and responsible action in the eternal now. Tomorrow is not promised, and yesterday is spent up already. Now is all there is to take the right action always.

Source by Joshua Clayton

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