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“The sights, sounds and motion of the Hudson River was not only captured by One Story Wedding Videographers, but also captures the essence and energy that is Caitilin and Charlie’s Wedding Day.”

Situated on the Hudson River with breathtaking views of the Manhattan skyline, Battello offers an unforgettable setting for Caitilin and Charlie’s Wedding Video.

“The Energy that comes off of you when you’re together,” tells the Mother of the Groom during her toast, “It is so good. It is so pure.”

The sights, sounds and motion of the Hudson not only captures the essence and energy of Caitilin and Charlie’s Wedding, but were also captured by One Story Weddings Videographers from the sea and the sky. Battello’s views of Manhattan skyline rivals the magnificent shots that our Aerial Wedding Videography (Drone) were able to capture that day.

“Charles moved from Baltimore, 191.5 Miles, for the opportunity to date my sister,” revealed the Brother of the Bride during his toast.

Charles made most of every opportunity he had with Caitilin, including sneaking in a First Dance during their First Look!

With soaring ceilings and series of open elegant areas, Battello, a New Jersey oceanfront Wedding Venue, provided our Bride and Groom with a canvas to create magic.

“Do you know what happens when two extraordinary people come together?” asks the Maid of Honor during the Wedding Reception, “it’s called MAGIC!”

Candle lit centerpieces and string lights wrapping around the reception magically brought Manhattan’s city lights indoors. The dance floor was elegantly lit all night long, from the intimate First Dance until the last dance as the last candle burned out.

We know Caitilin and Charlie’s flame with burn forever! And so will their One Story Wedding Highlight Video!

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