Batad, Philippines (aerial photo)

Batad, Philippines (aerial photo)

The Queen of rice terraces and man-made landscapes: Batad, Philippines. Shot with DJI Mavic Pro drone.
Built over 2000 years ago by the Ifugao people at 1500m above sea level. Built higher and on steeper hills than any other rice terraces, an intricate irrigation system harvesting water from the forests of the mountain tops, elaborate farming system, make this amphitheater of rice terraces an accomplishment like no other. They are rightfully named as a UNESCO world heritage site. Batad would be one of the highlights of my trip around the world, I knew this before I was there. It lived up to its expectations and I dedicated 11 days to capture this place to my best of abilities in photo, time lapse and aerial video, dealing with all kinds of setbacks as a non-cooperating mother nature and 4 brownouts.

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