Are You A Faultfinder? How to Stop Being One With Subliminal Messages

Do you find yourself always looking for faults in things, events, and people? Faultfinding can be a fickle habit, one that may creep up on you without you noticing it. You may be doing it all the time but do not even notice it. The worst part is, it can rain destruction upon any aspect of your life.

For example, finding fault in your partner can cause major problems in your relationship. Finding fault in your collections will make you the employee that's hard to get along with. Finding fault in yourself can be extremely unmotivating and discouraging.

So how can you stop being a faultfinder before it starts to wreak so much havoc in your life and in your personality? Here are some tips that might help.

1. Re-program your mind. The habit of faultfinding is caused by an unconscious tendency to always look at the negative side of things. It is a result of a negatively programmed mind. So the first step to getting rid of faultfinding for good is to re-program your mind.

Even if you try to consciously look at the positive side of things and keep yourself from faultfinding, if your mind is subconsciously programmed to look towards the negative, you will always do so.

So how can you re-program your mind? Modern finds about the subliminal mind, which is known as the controlling power behind our actions, thoughts, beliefs, practices, motives, impulses, and behavior, tells us that subliminal reprogramming can be done with subliminal messages.

These are messages that are directed towards the subliminal mind. Constant repetition and continuous delivery of effectively composed subliminal messages can change the way your mind works. It can re-train your mind so you always look at the positive, instead of the negative.

This way, you can always look at the positive in other people and in all circumstances and stop focusing on faults.

2. Find the root of the problem. In some people, faultfinding may be an unconscious habit that they constantly do. But some people find themselves finding fault only in certain situations or when certain people are involved. If you encounter faultfinding this way, make sure to study the root of the problem. Find out what's causing you to find fault in such situations or in such people. This way, you can do something about the real problem.

3. Get over resentments and past events. Sometimes, you tend to find fault in circumstances and people because you have had past experience with such circumstances or with the same people. If someone has repeatedly failed you in the past, then you tend to look for faults in his behavior no matter what he does. Even if he does positive things, due to your resentment and the fact that you have not reclaimed the trust that was lost, you still tend to look at the negative side.

The best way to turn this situation around is to get over past resentments. Subliminal messaging can also help you do this. You can use the following examples:

I am free from the past.
I am moving on.

Source by Nelson Berry

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