Appraisal Time Guys!

I am listing down a few important salvos which can help you to ask for more … Read Guys !!!!

Numbers … Numbers … Numbers! These are what Management wants! How much you added to the revenue of the company? How high the ROI zoomed because of the suggestions given by you? And how you convinced the clients to pay those exorbitant rates as fees to experience the high peak performance of your application? Project and present them in a beautiful manner and win the confidence of your superiors.

Be pro … Be pro … Be pro! Do not be afraid! I am not saying that you are not proactive. But … as I already told you … show what you are doing … means you need to ask for more responsibilities after listing all the additional things you have been doing within your job all these days !!! There lies the trick … Got it ???

Invent … Invent … Invent! That is what Einstein did and that is what Newton did! Invent … if you are not satisfied with your present position; the one you are vying is not to be vacated by that senior guy in the near future and your manager is pulling his hairs how to satisfy everyone, then … try to come up with a new idea of ​​a new position with the same duties and responsibilities what you have been doing but pays you double. Howzatt !!!

Meet … Meet … Meet! Meet important people who can do something favor for you and wish them; speak to them in a friendly manner where you meet them. The logic is that talk everything under the Sun except the main topic you are interested in without the others bringing up that for discussion. Communication Boss !!!

Brag … Brag … Brag! I know you brag a lot about what you do, but I suggest that this is the right time (evaluation time) to brag about those little things you do through the day. Hey note; whatever YOU do, do it at the right place and the right time and Brag what you can in front of your Boss rather than in front of your Girl friend. Think Boss !!!

Control … Control … Control! Hey! No threats please. You are not an extreme element of the society, therefore request do not demand. They also know when to give what and do not you think ??? Remember to stay calm even when things go against your wish. Be calm Boss !!!

Learn … Learn … Learn! Wherever and whenever you get an opportunity to learn new things, I advise you should take it. Learning new things relevant to your job can definitely give you an edge over your peers and competitors. And remember, learning new skills and getting certificates boosts your confidence and also shows that you are technically thoroughlybred !!!

Excel … Excel … Excel! Excel at what you have been doing. "Passion for excellence" should be your name of the game. Troubleshoot what you do every day and come up with innovate solutions. Reporting problems frustrate people; whereas finding solutions for the same bringing accolades. Your actions should speak louder than words.

Team … Team … Team! Always be a team player. Put team first and then yourself (Japanese style). If you are leading your team, take time to ensure that you delegate things to keep the same running. This shows that you have superior leading skills. If you are the member of the team, then make sure that you are not irreplaceable.

Hope for the best !!! Good luck !!!

Source by Pavan M Kumar

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