4 Red Lights of Doom – How Do You Avoid Them?

The 4 Red Lights of Doom are the red lights around the Xbox 360 power button, which normally indicate internal problems that requires attention. Normally there are supposed to be 4 green lights indicating normal operations. Red lights of doom are also called the red ring of death.

One red light shows that there is a chip problem. Two lights; shows that the console is overheated. Three lights; indicate that the hardware will experience failure. Four lights; means that the cable is not well inserted. The 3 red lights may mean the end of your consoles life.

To avoid the 4 red lights of doom, you need to be aware of the warning signs of all the lights. They include freeze-ups or sound errors while in the middle of game play. One could also experience graphical problems. The graphical problems may include pin-stripe patterns on the screen. The warnings may appear just one or more times before the hardware experiences failure. At times the warning signs may not occur at all. These are technical problems that seem to affect some generations of consoles as compared to others.

When starting a game, ensure that you fully insert the power supply cable into the console. This allows it to receive enough power from the power supply. The 4 red lights of doom indicate that the console is not receiving adequate power due to a faulty power supply or failure to fully insert the power supply cable into the console. If the console is connected to an outlet that receives a power surge, be sure you are seeing green lights as long as the console is plugged into the outlet. If this is not the case, one needs to turn off the console. Unplug all power cables and plug them back in, then restart the console. This will fix the problem.

The 4 red lights of doom are caused by constant overheating of the console. This can be avoided by allowing enough ventilation to the console. Due to insufficient cooling, the console gets continually heated up during use. The temperature inside reach extremely high levels causing the lights to appear.

Position the console in a horizontal way. The upright way may seem more appealing to the eye. However this may block the air vents that are placed on the sides. Always have game playing schedules that will allow for moderation. Play a game then take a break for some time. The breaks are essential for both the well-being of the machine and the gamer. They allow the console to cool down, and the gamer to relax his mind and muscles. Ventilating the console and adhering to your moderation schedule can lengthen the life span of the console.

Source by Peter Gitundu

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