4 little tricks to improve your Mavic Pro flying experience

4 little tricks to improve your Mavic Pro flying experience

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The Mavic Pro is a drone that is really compact and powerful. And really nice and exciting when you get the Mavic Pro. But before taking off this compact drone, I advise you to stay calm and follow the little tricks of Mavic Pro.

The Mavic Pro inherits most of the advantages of DJI Phantom 4, such as the obstacle protection system, the three-axis gimbal, the OcuSync image transmission system, the optical flow tracking sensor, By ultrasound, etc. All these are advantages that drones from other brands are missing. But does it mean the Mavic Pro is 100% perfect? Follow the little tricks of Mavic Pro, and we’ll see.

For people who like aerial photography, the Mavic Pro has a camera with a video angle of FOV 78.8o and a focal length of 28mm, this seems a bit small compared to the DJI Phantom, but it carries a bright ring of F2. 2, and the minimum focusing distance is 0.5m. The large light ring is good for a selfie camera, but it also has a disadvantage, it is not easy to focus, even the camera has a focal system that is different than that of Phantom 4, the Phantom 4 carries an afocal system, ie it does not need to focus prior to take-off. So, before taking off the Mavic Pro, do not forget to focus for his camera.

And for the control of Mavic Pro, there is a small thing to notice. The Mavic Pro can fly inside, for example, in the living room or bedroom, but it’s in the GPS-free mode. If the Mavic Pro is controlled from the inside to the outside, it will go down to a height of 10m, even if it is fine to push the gas because the mode without GPS sets the flight height for the Mavic Pro, If the Mavic Pro wants to fly outside, use the GPS mode. This is a very important thing to pay attention to and also to ensure safety.

There are also two air vents at the tail of the drone, but this radiator system is designated for the flight advance. If the drone is held in a position for too long, there will be the risk of theft, as the battery temperature will increase even with radiating ventilation.

Finally, one last thing you notice is the mode switch to the right side of the remote control. This button is used to switch sports mode and ordinary mode. But sometimes, we make the wrong one for this button, especially when we put it in the backpack. So before take-off, check the flight mode.

I hope these little tricks can improve your Mavic Pro flying experience. And good flying at all.

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